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A Poem…..

Smoke. Storms. Water.

I have lived through it all.

Past. Present. Future.

I’ve visited each with precise knowledge.

Light. Darkness. Good. Evil.

I’ve fought on both spectrums of war, sided with each one time or another.

Enemies. Old sweethearts. Friendships.

I’ve experienced the agony of losing everyone I once loved.

Swords. Power.

Every weapon, whether physical or mental, has been used by me, to defend whichever side I supported at that time.

Across the world. Over galaxies. In my backyard.

I’ve called everywhere my home.

I daily battle, cry, laugh, train and play.

Dragons. Angels. Demons.

Not so uncommon in my life.

Joy. Sadness. Pain.

The severity I’ve had to deal with should be forbidden to human beings.

I help, protect, aid and conquer.




I adventure with thousands of people, in countless worlds. My companions have varied with each story, but they’ve always been there for me, and I for them.


~In Christ,




Jesus lover, beauty seeker, avid reader, passionate writer.

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