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Redemption By Karen Kingsbury. (A Book Review)


Wow. To explain this book. Right now I have so many feelings that I’m having a hard time explaining.

This is not a book I’d typically be interested in reading, after all, it is about a couple with marriage problems….I couldn’t relate to that and I mostly read books so I can feel and connect to the characters. The husband, Tim, is having an affair. Kari, the wife, works as a model and is having issues with old lovers in her early life…BUT despite the fact that I haven’t dealt with these situations, Karen wrote the book in a way that I, a young teenage girl whose never been married, to be able to connect to this story! She incorporated guilt and fear and disbelief in God so beautifully. This book was raw and honest and at times, really hard and dense to read.

Of course I only recommend this book to people around (mature) 14 years old and up. My mom remembers reading this and although this book definitely deals with mature themes, (like affairs and alcohol), Karen Kingsbury introduces it in a way that’s not overly described or detailed.

Overall this book held a fantastic story and lesson and had soo many twists and turns I WAS NOT expecting!


Keep calm and keep reading!




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