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///things that make me happy///


-the color yellow

-Lesiel from The Sound Of Music

-fairytale adaptations

-old bicycles

-going through old photographs

-discovering family ancestry

-reading old love letters

-antique tea sets

-froyo with pieces of oreo


-lace doily’s

-feeling the clickety-clack of keys

-mint green


-feeling twirly skirts swish around your legs

-wearing new shoes

-comfy t-shirts

-Netflix and pizza kinda nights

-learning about history


-drawing something that you get complimented for

-thinking about finding Narnia in your dresser drawer

-fairy string lights wrapped around a bookshelf

-old fashioned sun glasses

-my vanity from 1912

-old trunks and suitcases

-duvet comforters, they’re SO comfortable!


-Rey, Po, BB-8 and  Finn from Star Wars VII

-reading Psalms right before bed

-talking about theology

-pinterest-y crafts and things

-for king & country’s music

-french braids that turn out well


-anne. she’s just too much for me. “I’m in the depths of despair.”

-reading classics

-1950’s, 1940’s, 1920’s, 1800’s, (pretty much any time in the past)

-reading all day

-writing so much your hand hurts

-thick chocolate milkshakes

-finding old postage

-“in the mood” by Glenn Miller

-swing music

-country hillside

-peppermint tea in a polka dot mug

(sorry for the long post, everyone! hope you enjoyed!)

~By His Grace,





Jesus lover, beauty seeker, avid reader, passionate writer.

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