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The Post About Friends. (they ARE needed)



“I don’t need any friends. People are better off without me and I’m better off without them. I don’t need to shower myself with socializing to bring myself happiness.”

I’ve had many conversations like this before, with hard, mean people. Not to say that they are genuinely mean, more like they are just not even trying to be nice because they don’t see much in their lives to be grateful for. It seems like the people that say this, are normally NOT introverts like you may think they would be. No, these are normally extroverts that CRAVE conversation and friendship, but they’re not trying hard enough to find a friend, or God just hasn’t brought them one yet.

Many people in my life don’t value companionship the way I do.

But I can see why I might be a little aggravated at these conversations, since I didn’t really have a GOOD friend for a couple years. I went through a sad time in my life when I was depressed, struggled majorly with an eating disorder, battled family issues and didn’t have a friend at the time that I felt like I could really pour my heart out to. And this was when I was 11. Not the best time in my life to begin with. Anyway, I went through a time when God seemed really distant, but all the while my mom fervently prayed for me a friend. And when I say fervently, I mean it! Now three years later, I’ve made so many friends on social media, and I’ve actually met one of them. I’m in constant reminder of how good the Lord is when I realize how much He just wanted ME in that time of my life. Since I was so desperate for friends, and now all of a sudden I have 5-6 REALLY good friends, THAT’S why I value companionship.

It pains me for people to talk about how friends are not needed. Why do people believe this horrid lie that Satan tells us? When we’re going through a rough trial in our life, it’s on Satan’s priorities to make you feel like YOU’RE ALONE. Like no one could possibly be feeling or going through what you are. But that’s such a powerful lie. Do you not think, that all the people that God made (and I’d say we’re pretty much all made the same) there wouldn’t be SOMEBODY out there in the same boat as you?

We NEED friendship. Hey, Jesus had multiple friends!

Just like  the song, No Man Is An Island by Tenth Avenue North: “We’re not meant to live this life alone!”

And have you thought about this…..Just because you say you don’t need friends, doesn’t mean no one needs you! What if there was someone out there alone and having a dark time in their life, and they are crying out for a friend, but everybody’s paying attention to themselves and their own struggles and they can’t hear that aching, desperate person?

We’re so caught up in our jobs, our schools, our paychecks and our cars, that we are forgetting about the 7 billion other people that share this world?

You know, this might just be read and forgotten. You might read this post, and not think anything of it, or think it doesn’t relate to you, but I promise you IT DOES. And you can benefit your life and everyone around you if you will accept that you need friends and that you need to be a friend. Its’ never too late, you’re never too busy, and you’re never far enough away to be happy.

~By His Grace,



And I dedicate this to my newfound friends: Ellie, Hope, Olivia, Sierra, Hannah, Hannah R., Audrey, Kimberly, and Naomi. Thank you for being there for me, sending me marvelous letters, and always giving me support for my blog. I can’t wait to see where the future takes us!

And too Jordan. I love our long walks, and our inability to have movie marathons together. LOL!  Thank you so much for always being there for me. You’ve never left me or given me the cold shoulder. We’ve been through so much together. Love you!





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3 thoughts on “The Post About Friends. (they ARE needed)

  1. Friends are totally preciously wonderful creatures! I’m an introvert through and through, so I actually really just like online friends…it’s low key and not stressful and I’ve made SUCH good friends online. :’) I do think everyone (probably?) does need a friend. :p And it’s really amazing to have someone to support you through a rough time right?! YAY FOR GOOD FRIENDS!🎉


    1. I totally agree! I have 1 good “real-life” friend and tons of great online friends! It’s so worth it to get out of your comfort zone.


  2. Wow I relate to this SO MUCH! As you probably know from my guest post for CoBM. 😂 You wrote this before I “met” you, but I hope I’ve been a good enough friend that I would make it to this list of friends if you wrote this now! I’m so blessed and happy to call you my friend Halee! ❤️️


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