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2016 Updates.


{so I finally figured out how to insert gif’s!}

So this post will be sort of a check up on how my New Years Resolutions have been!

This has actually been the first year I’ve followed through with goals I set New Year’s Eve! How have ya’ll been? If you write a post similar to this, comment below the link to your blog and I’d love to check it out!

-I’ve eliminated a lot of my previous health problems with eating, supplements, exercising,  cutting out fast foods and processed foods and using a lot more essential oils in my day-to-day routine.

-I’ve started my blog! I had been procrastinating for years and I had also had bad luck with Blogger. But then I found WordPress and it’s been a very easy experience!

-I’ve met new people.

– School has been taken a little more seriously and I feel  like I’m studying more in-depth.

-Instead of just relying on my parents for meals, I’ve actually contributed more to making meals and snacks.

-I’ve been listening to more audiobooks! Check out what I’m reading here:

-I’m starting a magazine for my homeschool group that includes game/craft ideas, daily Bible verses, facts, birthday announcements, upcoming events, etc.

-I haven’t necessarily been reading MORE this year but I have been reading more DIVERSELY.

What have yall’ been doing lately? What are some blog posts ya’ll might want to see me type up? Thanks for the feedback!

~Soli Deo Gloria,






Jesus lover, beauty seeker, avid reader, passionate writer.

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