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Don’t cower. Face the challenge.


To fully understand this story, you need to know every detail.

Meet my 3 year old sister, Abigail Joy. She’s……Hard-headed. Strong-willed. VERY passionate. Doesn’t obey very well.


Ok, so she was helping my mom unload the dishwasher ( which she was doing wholeheartedly) and she was supposed to be sorting silverware. She wanted to put away plates. She started pitching a fit, saying “But I want to do the plate!!”.

My mom lowered to Abbie’s level and replied calmly, “Abigail, I know what you want to do, but I have a specific job for you. I need YOU to sort the silverware.”


I noticed a similarity. Doesn’t this sound  like whenever we fight with God, and we squirm and cringe when He’s placing us in a season of life that we don’t feel like going through? He says He wants us in THIS job, in THIS house, fighting THIS sickness, and we just. don’t. accept it. We have to be content and joyful in EVERY SINGLE TIME, THING, PLACE, BATTLE, TRIAL HE PUTS US IN.


Soli Deo Gloria,




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