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I betray, but He washes.

I am the Pharisee that questioned Jesus in the tabernacle.

I am Delilah who betrayed Samson for her own selfish gain.

I am Peter who denied the close relationship between him and Jesus.

I am the villagers who threw stones at the prostitute in

I am Judas who turned Jesus into the authorities to be crucified.

I am the bitter unbelievers who won’t forgive God for taking away loved ones.

I am the teen who fights what he knows and rebels against everything he’s been taught.

I am the accuser who wanted the murderer Barabas to be released.

I am the chains that binded Paul’s hands and feet together in prison.

I spat in the face of my Lord and I mocked Him and clothed Him in a dirty cloak.

I created a crown of sharp thorns, and pressed it into Jesus’s skull, producing blood.

I drove the nail through His wrists, spilling His blood and causing Him to cry out in pain and agony.

I am the officers who torture missionaries.

I daily insult and reject Him. I am His rebellious daughter.


But I’m also the woman who was cured of chronic bleeding  by touching the hem of Jesus’ robe.


 I am the Roman soldier who stabbed Jesus’ side and who was washed by His perfect, clean blood.

I am Rahab who repented of her past of filth and sin and who was given a clean second chance.

I am David who was sheltered by God as his enemies pursued him.


I was made me knew. He pulled me out of the  dreary darkness of my life and saved me from a eternity of blindness.


I owe everything to Him. When I am weak, HE IS STRONG.

When I cower, He stands firmly.

When I begin to sink, He stands.

When I can’t take enough, he takes my load.

When this world crumbles, He pieces it back together.

When I find it hard to breathe, he supplies air to my lungs so I can worship Him.


But if there are words for Him, I just don’t have them.


You see, I can’t find the words to describe how much I need my Lord.

I can’t find the words to describe the level of how much I desire for the fellowship of my Lord.

The depth of my Lord. The width of my Lord. The height of my Lord.

I can’t explain to you how much I want my Lord. How much I cling to my Lord.

We cannot express how much we love you, O Lord. We love you, Lord.

I cannot speak long enough for the amount of time it would take to thank Him for His every blessing.

I cannot stand long enough for the amount of time it would take to adequately dance for Him.

We cannot describe you, O Lord. You are unsearchable, O Lord.

You are forever great. Forever powerful. Forever in control. God, You are forever pure, forever noble, forever our comfort. Forever our healer.

Like bees need honey, we need you. Like a newborn baby clings to His mother for comfort, I cling to you for my peace.

I stand in awe of your miracles.

I’m in awe of your selfless death.

We’re in awe of His magnificent resurrection. Behold, He is alive! Praise Him, for He is worthy! Praise Him, for His is all-knowing! Praise Him, for He is God!!

We sing and dance for Him. We paint for Him. We draw for Him. We write for Him. We share for Him. We minister for Him. We gather in His name for Him. But alas, it is still not enough to fully be able to show our love and gratitude for Him.

He is our rock to stand on in the crumbling earthquakes of life.

He is our boat to sail on when the waves get too rough.

He is a unpenatrable fortress when our enemies assail us to eat up our flesh.

He is like an umbrella, when the hurricane of worry seems to overtake us.


Do I dare ask to touch his face?


He is meek. He is mine. He is humble. He is kind. He is a warrior. He bears an army to defeat evil. He is mine. He is ours.

He is The Creator, The King, The Sacrifice, The Father, the Teacher, The Rock, The Lighthouse, The Shepherd. He is The Lion and His is The Lamb.


He is all these things, and much more. For I do not have the ability to form enough words to adequately explain Him.


I will meet Him one day. I will praise Him. I will stand before and await His precious words to wash over me. The trumpets will blare, the animals and all of creation will bow, all the people will scream and shout, all the angels will sing and all of Satan’s servants will wilt under the blaze of His glory.

The Evil One cannot withstand to be anywhere close to My Precious King.

Satan will be defeated. Heaven and Earth will be renovated into something so much more pure, so much more real, so much more right, so much more full, so much more beautiful than we could ever hope to sustain on this old one.

All of this praise, all of these songs, all of this turmoil, all of these hardships, all of our sweat and tears and cries and laughter, everything is FOR HIM.

Joy has a name.

Comfort has a name.

Peace has a name.

Perfection has a name.

Purity has a name.

Eternity has a name.

Love has a name.

Kindness has a name




So praise Him for His spotless life. Praise Him for your children. Praise Him for the Earth. Praise Him for health. Praise Him for new life. Praise Him for miracles. Praise Him for His mercy.

He has overcome!  He has renewed!  He has redeemed!  He has made new!!


But even with all these words, I still cannot describe Him. Because if there are words for Him I do not have them.


Soli Deo Gloria,









Jesus lover, beauty seeker, avid reader, passionate writer.

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