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Fading Memories.


Sometimes I wonder if  5 years from now the memories will still be here.

Will they still be fresh in our minds?

Will we reminisce  about the past? Or will these days fade away and yellow like old love letters?

Sometimes I get worried that you won’t remember all those times I got in the floor and played with you, or when we laid out a blanket under the trees and you tried to crawl.

Sometimes these thoughts make me sad and forget about the here and now.

But, even when we’re both older and making new memories, we’ll always have each other, even when good times are forgotten.

We’ll always have God’s joy, even when our lives have been stripped away.

You’ll always have my back, and I’ll always have yours.

We’ll cross big milestones like you learning how to ride your bike, or when you get married, and we’ll have to say goodbye to our care-free childhood.

But let’s not talk about the future, or get worried about the uncertainties , or doubt God’s sovereignty, cause I just want to enjoy you as you are in this moment.

All the stinky diapers, the slobber-drenched clothes, and late nights that you can’t sleep because your stomach is hurting.

I’m going to enjoy this stage when you’re trying to learn to crawl and beginning to talk. I’m going to savor your wet baby kisses and your moments of sheer joy.

Oh, and one more thing before I go! Always remember that I’ll love you forever. Even when you hurt me, even when you make me sad, even the times you don’t want to listen to me.

And God will too.





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