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The Eden Lifestyle (Part 0 the introduction)


Look around. If you’re at home, look out your window. If you’re at work, glance at the coworker next to you. What I’m about to share with you is a worldwide problem, everyone struggles with it, and countless people have died because of it. Have you guessed it?

Fat!  It’s an epidemic. The world is daily struggling with the idea of being overweight and I would be very surprised if you said you aren’t or haven’t been overweight at one time in your life. We are ALL putting pure TRASH in our bodies. It’s like dumping oil in an ocean, or feeding dog food to fish. The result will be sickness, and many will die because of the mistake. What grates on me most of all is that we care more about what our pets eat (oh, make sure those kibbles are gluten free and paleo!) than what we feed ourselves and our children. Please note though, I’m not being judge-mental. I’m not gathering all of you peasant readers under my teachings so ya’ll can all learn from my journey in health…Ohhhh noooo….BAHAHAH! In fact, I’m still making that journey, and I will be making this journey until the day I meet the good Lord above! *cue old grandma’s voice* No, really though. I’m just frustrated how me and so many others are treating our bodies so cruelly.

My mom wanted me to write up some reports on health for school, so I just decided to blog about it! This article is Part 0 of The Eden Lifestyle series-where you and I can discuss and journey back to ultimate health, thousands of years ago. The first part we’ll be discussing my own personally journey, how I came to know, and what foods, supplements and other things are included in my daily routine.


Hope you enjoy!!


~By His Grace,









Jesus lover, beauty seeker, avid reader, passionate writer.

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