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Dear 10 year old Halee.


Dear 10 year old Halee.

This is me, or I guess I should say you, from the future.

I want to tell you something.

Please stop comparing yourself to your best friend. You’re gorgeous, you’re fun to be around and you don’t need to change.

Food is fuel, not a comfort. It’s not worth it to become chained to eating. It wrecks you spiritually, ¬†emotionally, physically and it shakes your relationships with your friends and family. It’s not worth the few moments of pleasure for years of struggle with food.

I know how you’re feeling, hopeless, numb and depressed. You’re NOT in a bottomless pit and there IS light at the end of the tunnel and that’s Jesus. He can save you, if only you let Him in. Please don’t end the pain. You can’t undo death or your mistakes. Even in this pain, this excruciating pain, joy will come soon.

Remember your friends and family…They understand you more than you think they do.

Your hormones are going crazy and you can’t think straight, so when the waves are choppy, fix your eyes on Him.

And one more thing, you’re going to become obsessed with many things in the upcoming years….Just ignore them. They’re completely normal. (NOT)

-14 year old Halee.



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