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Top Tricks for The Kit-Kat AdventuresRead-A-Thon!


Ok, so the #Kit-Kat Adventures Read-A-Thon is arriving! *throws confetti and hands everyone mochas* So, in honor of this glorified 2-week holiday of reading I thought I’d write a post to talk about how to get the most out of this set aside time to read. Ready? Let’s go!

  • Don’t get stressed out or discouraged! The whole point of a read-a-thon is to HAVE FUN! So, if not worrying means only planning to read 2 books, or if you have a hard time with comparing yourself to others, stay off social media for an hour or two.
  • Remember that it’s okay to “stray’ from your TBR if your not feeling those books! The LAST thing you want to happen is for you to be pushing yourself to read a book you are not in the mood for and then fall into the dreaded pit we call…..THE READING SLUMP!!!
  • No distractions! Whatever takes your eyes off you prize (read books, of course) then get rid of that obstacle! Unless it’s your family, then please keep them. That’d be rude to kick them out.
  • If you’re rear is sore for sitting (ha!) or your mind is acting lazy today TAKE A BREAK! Go for a walk! Bake a dessert or spend time with your family…OR you could listen to an audiobook!
  • Use a reward system. I’ve heard people use this tip for NaNoWriMo, as well. Basically, set a goal for yourself (reading for 2 hours, or 100 pages or something like that) and then, once you’ve met your mini challenge, give yourself a piece of cake! Or if you have the funds, buy yourself a book!Never too many….Right?
  • Keep the anticipation rising! Get yourself pumped up! The more excited you are, the more likely that fire will continue to push you through the Read-A-Thon.
  • Pick a designated comfy “spot”. Whether that’s a fluffy armchair, your swingset, a nearby coffeeshop or a stretchy bungee chair, use the available locations near you!
  • Choose books you’re REALLY excited to read! This is not the time to read that 700 page classic your aunt Loretta bought you for your bday…Sorry…But just no, Loretta.
  • Join/Participate in me and Olivia in our Twitter sprints! We will encourage one another and keep the excitement up!
  • And lastly, the final key to ultimate bookish success, share about this glorious event with your friends as church! Or school…..Or, if you’re like me, random people at the bookstore that don’t want to talk to me….


So, anyways, that’s it! Whadya think? Will you be participating! I sure hope so! If you are, make sure to include the hashtag: #kitkatadventurereadathon2016 with your Twitter and Instagram posts so we can find them! Thanks everyone and Happy, Happy Reading!


~By His Grace,






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10 thoughts on “Top Tricks for The Kit-Kat AdventuresRead-A-Thon!

  1. What is a read-a-thon? How can I be a part of it? What do you do? Please give DETAILS, because I know nothing about this stuff!!!


  2. What exactly is a read-a-thon? Can I be a part of it? What do you have to do (besides the obvious reading)? Please feel free to put a lot of details in your response, because I have never done anything like this!!!


    1. Sorry, for some reason I must have pressed a weird word recommendation on the first comment name question and it put carrie~I know that’s weird…. anyways didn’t mean to confuse or anything~ it’s Kristen both times and the first time didn’t show that it posted that’s why I did it again and it’s actually my name ;)


    2. Just complete the 4 recommended challenges and read as many books as you can! There’s no official way to join, just start! If you want you can follow me and Olivia on our Instagram accounts fot updates. 😃 Mine is bookscoffeeandkitkats and hers is oliviasbookishadventures !


  3. It started Sunday and will go until May 28th, on Sunday.

    •The first is read a book that was published before you were born.

    •Read a book chosen for you by someone else.

    -A Book that’s been on your TBR for over a year.

    And •A Book you can read in a day.

    Hope that helps!


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