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Girl Defined: God’s Radical Design For Beauty, Femininity and Identity. (Book review!)

imageWhen I requested to be a part of the Girl Defined launch team, and be sent their debut book, Girl Defined-God’s Radical Design For Beauty, Femininity and Identity, what I never imagined was that I was going to be deeply convicted. This book was going to transform my false way of thinking, into something beautifully orchestrated by God.

Right from the start Kristen and Bethany set the stage for the deep meaningful things that need to be discussed, with hilarious and embarrassing (but relatable) stories from their past that they’ve learned from. They wrote this book in such a way, that makes you feel like you three are at a coffee shop talking with each other. What I loved so much about the storytelling aspect of the book was that is was fun and lighthearted, while being serious but not dense and boring.

This book is all about God’s design for women’s purpose and identity-and while it’s not popular or praised-it’s life changing.

The topics in this book, they’re not just liberating, they will radically change your life! Kristen and Bethany simply explain controversial topics and leave no room for questioning because they are using biblical truths! They also explain God’s design for the male and female (gender roles are important) which I really enjoyed. I was so deeply convicted when I discovered JUST how much I’ve been affected by the culture, by Satan. I’ve believed the lies of the big-bad checklist and the ‘ideal woman’ being alluring, successful and oh-so-well off. What a tragedy these things have embedded in the lives of millions of girls throughout history! Kristen and Bethany also delve into the meaning of being a “wimpy woman”. One who’s quick to comprise and too shameful to stand up for what’s right. They talk about being bold with God’s design and not giving in to what is “normal”. With all the latest trends and what’s “in”, isn’t it all just chasing after wind anyway?

I HIGHLY recommend this for ANY girl, at ANY stage of life, ANY age, coming from WHATEVER background, because I KNOW for a fact this book will be change your life for the good/forever.

-By His Grace,




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