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Joyfully At Home (book review!)

/////In Joyfully at Home, Jasmine writes with verve and transparency about her own struggles and triumphs as a young woman, encouraging other girls to embrace a vision for the home as a hub of ministry and discipleship and as a training ground for life ahead. With humor, humility, and heart, Jasmine tackles the tough questions girls face, offering practical counsel on how to overcome false views of marriage, husbands, and singleness./////

(I write this review listening to soft music playing in the background, while my little sister is singing and my dad and brother are having a wrestling match. So excuse me if this review is scattered, this is life.)

Review Part 1:
The first chunk of this book discusses your relationships and your atmosphere.
-Becoming A Good Daughter To Your Heavenly Father
In the first chapter, Jasmine writes about many things involving the Gospel, but what stuck with me most was her view on Feminism..That was refreshing!
-Becoming A Good Daughter To Your Mother
-Becoming A Good Daughter To Your Father
She talks about the physical and emotional protection of staying under your father’s roof until marriage..How you can help him with his home business, etc.
-Becoming A Good Sister To Your Siblings
(Convicting chapter!!!)
-Contributing To A Joyful Atmosphere

Review Part 2:
-What Is Joyful Contentment?
Oh, that chapter REALLY hit me hard!
-Overcoming A False View Of Marriage
This chapter was a much needed reminder for me. Every girl needs to be waken up from the dream about counterfeit romance!
-Overcoming A False View Of Husbands
-Overcoming A False View Of Self
-Overcoming A False View Of Singleness
-Overcoming A False View Of God’s Sovereignty and Embracing The Bigger Picture

Review Part 3:
-Why Do You Live At Home?
I really enjoyed this chapter. Me and Jasmine are very similar when it comes to our interests and hobbies, so I could connect with her well. She answers questions about college and homemaking and explains that if you make the decision to stay at home, you will encounter these people.
-But What If…..?
-Are You Judging Me?
-Being Ready With An Answer

Review Part 4: (my personal fave chunk of the book)
-The Home and The Great Commission
This is the type of chapter I know many of you will cringe at, but it’s a very well-written topic; everyone should read this!
-Getting Your House In Order
(what you can do now..)
-To Be Hospitable
Tough chapter for us introverts!
-Loving Our Sisters In Christ
-Becoming A Ballistic Missile

So, that’s it! I will wrap up this complex review to say that this book should be loved in EVERY home. I will be re-reading this many times in my life for re-inspiration and encouragement. I HIGHLY recommend it. Yes, I know this is a VERY controversial topic, but just give it a chance!

If you like Voddie Baucham’s sermons, you’ll love Jasmine’s writing style!


~By His Grace,




Jesus lover, beauty seeker, avid reader, passionate writer.

2 thoughts on “Joyfully At Home (book review!)

  1. OOH! You really should! It’s so much better than I ever thought it’d be. And also, I have thought about it several times since reading it.


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