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Avengers:Age Of Ultron (A Smack In Gods’s Face?)


I haven’t seen Age Of Ultron yet, so this ISN’T A REVIEW!

I recently read Plugged In’s Movie Review for Avengers. It really did upset me greatly. I am a HUGE fan of MARVEL! Captain America, Hawkeye and Hulk have always been my favorites and I so enjoyed the movies and comics. Well, I’m not so sure how much I can support MARVEL anymore.

So, Ultron was pretty much horribly blasphemous. He quoted (distorted) Scripture, called himself “I Am”, he tried to example his actions after stories in the Bible, etc. I have a hard time imagining God grinning while I walk into the theater into Avengers 2.

AND , the language was really bad, in my opinion. I won’t list the words here but you can check out what words in the Plugged In review link above. I’m upset that I can’t watch this movie, not because it’s just entertainment, but because these kinds of stories change a person.

It’s kinda like when I left the Doctor Who fandom… I know it’s wrong, it’s just still hard to quit. My post on DW  is HERE. I know this post is all over the place and it’s really short, I just needed to vent.

Why do movie companies have to ruin media these days? Everything’s so evil. So impure. It really does anger me. I DO value Christian producers!!!

All these sacrifices we have to make though, purging our music, movie and book choices, pales in comparison to what HE GAVE so we could have a decent life.

I won’t be watching Age Of Ultron.

I’ll be fine, it’s just a movie.

We’ll be just fine.

Is God wanting you to purge an idol from your life?




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One thought on “Avengers:Age Of Ultron (A Smack In Gods’s Face?)

  1. Aw, Age of Ultron was my favorite! I see where you coming from, but I feel that Age of Ultron wasn’t any worse than any other MARVEL film. And certainly not worse the Iron Man 1. Ultron was a bit sacrilegious (as said in the review) and those parts I didn’t appreciate, but I feel you should watch it and give it a chance. If you don’t like it, you can do can write a bad review. A personal opinion of a fan always strikes more peoples attention.


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