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Delilah:Treacherous Beauty (an amazing book!)


///////A Complex and Compelling Glimpse at One of the Bible’s Baddest Girls
Life is not easy in Philistia, especially not for a woman and child alone. When beautiful, wounded Delilah finds herself begging for food to survive, she resolves that she will find a way to defeat all the men who have taken advantage of her. She will overcome the roadblocks life has set before her, and she will find riches and victory for herself.
When she meets a legendary man called Samson, she senses that in him lies the means for her victory. By winning, seducing, and betraying the hero of the Hebrews, she will attain a position of national prominence. After all, she is beautiful, she is charming, and she is smart. No man, not even a supernaturally gifted strongman, can best her in a war of wits.//////

Such, such, SUCH a great book!!

This book, Delilah , was such a biblically accurate, unable to put down and a wonderful blend of action, spiritual food for thought, and emotional turmoil. It definitely did not let me down. The characters were so real, I really did feel for them, and the POV swapped continually between Samson and Delilah.

It was very interesting to read this story from thousands of years ago come to life for us modern day Christians, and I do consider it one of the best books I’ve ever read! I loved reading about (supposedly) Delilah’s backstory and the WHY and HOW she came into Samson’s life. It kinda makes you think that maybe she wasn’t just a heartless prostitute who turned over a man of God to their enemy. She had reason. Also, in this book, she had so much emotional trauma dealt out to her….I just really loved her character. And I’m not saying she was the best person ever, I just loved learning more about this woman.

Samson didn’t seem as “strong” in this book as he’s portrayed in the Bible, but I don’t have solid evidence that Angela Hunt, the author, was faulty in writing this aspect of his story.

Now for the negative content:
-Lots of mentions of “using women”, prostitutes, harlots, etc. BUT, although there’s references, the author used them tastefully and she sticks to the atmosphere of Philistine culture.
-If it bothers you, you should be wary of the gore content of this book. There’s not much of it, but if you don’t like fighting or wars, maybe use discretion.

This book was similar to a time travel machine for me-it took me away from my little home in America, and swept me away to a setting, thousands of years ago to learn about a very influential couple in Christian history.

I recommend this to anyone who loves biblical fiction or historical fiction.

I think this book would be a great companion novel if you need a supplement for a Bible Study.

Please, please read it! It was such a cool ride!

*I was sent this book for free from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!*

~By His Grace,




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