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Answering The Guy Questions by Leslie Ludy (book review)

Bestselling author and speaker Leslie Ludy follows up her powerful, ground-breaking release, Set-Apart Femininity, with the book every young woman has been waiting for. How does today’s young woman handle the difficult questions surrounding guys, relationships, and waiting for the right one? Leslie uses her experiences, both in mentoring numerous girls and with her own beautiful love story, to give straightforward help and advice on these questions and more.


This book was certainly a very pleasant surprise! I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this. This was such a quick, but powerful read, and Leslie writes truth-sometimes bluntly, but in a refreshing, non-judgemental way. Yay! My kind of reading.

I was so impacted by her thoughts on masculinity, gender roles, modesty standards, purity,ect. She’s just such a great, wise author!

Another tiny thing I liked was how many quotes she included in here. Quotes from godly young men, magazine articles, young women….

Really, any Christian girl should read this, and I even read some parts out loud to my dad too! Any age or stage in life, you COULD benefit from this.

I honestly don’t have any negative thoughts to say about this book. I agreed with everything Leslie presented, all her points. (To my knowledge, all were spot on with Scripture.)

I think any girl from probably around 13 could read this, or with a parent as young as 10 or 11.

Now that I’ve got my thoughts out of the way, I’m gonna share some of my favorite quotes!

-“As set-apart young women, we are called to reflect His lily-white, radiant beauty and not a hollow sex-appeal.”

-“If you give Him the pen and allow Him to script your story, you don’t need to strive or manipulate to make the romance happen.”

-“Anything physical that you save for marriage will only be more beautiful and fulfilling as time goes on. Anything that you experience beforehand will eventually lose its luster.

-“When a guy shows interest, the first thing to do is spend ample amount of time in prayer and godly counsel.”

AND last one: “A man who is truly worth his salt knows that you are worth the wait and won’t put pressure on you to make a quick decision.”

Well, that’s a wrap! I hope this review peaked your interest for diving into this wonderfully accurate and timely book!

~By His Grace,




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