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Lovely Book Covers

I saw this idea on Shantelle’s blog and I LOVED the idea, and I totally stole it! *grins wide* Anyway, these are the new to me book covers that I love, in no particular order!


Oh my word guys. These actually aren’t new to me, I’ve read all but two, but still!! How could I resist sharing these beauties??? Isn’t Melanie’s series the best?


And everything about this cover is just breath-taking. The title, font, design….The dress!! The layers and the colors, creamy and fluffy. *laughs at my use of adjectives*




Golly, this cover is just so elegant. And the author’s font!!! 1920’s, I presume?

-Dear-Mr-Knightley-book picture

This is not new. But this cover is too beautiful not to share.


That’s all folks! My top current favorites..







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