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Dear Men.


Dear Men,

      I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for who you are and what you’ve become.  I say all this because us women have really just destroyed your manhood.

We act disgusted with who you are, change you, then when we reap the consequences of metro-sexual or “animalistic” masculinity, we turn and run away from what we’ve created.

I wish we didn’t do all this. And I really wish we could all just learn to be exactly what God created for both female and male, for each of us to fulfill our sacred roles, and I know then that the constant changing of “what’s trending” wouldn’t get so confusing. Why we women cringe at the way you are, makes me sad. We don’t encourage you. When you might want to have your own say about a subject, we strip any authority you might have away from you and drag you down with one sharp retort.

It’s not hard to look around and see what we reaped with what came from feminism. Men are either forced to take over as “mom” with babies strapped to their back while folding laundry since his wife is away at work.

Okay, I’m getting a little bit rambl-y, back to the point, yes, I know.

I apologize about the times I’ve scoffed at your opinions, turned down your offers for help, with my words and actions, and that one time I just totally ignored what you asked me.

Why do we ignore the desperate plea inside you for manliness? You WERE made to be a warrior and spiritual fighter.

We as women of God, should not only love you for who God created you to be, but keep our roles separate and equally purposeful.

Here’s to changing, no, here’s to going back to the basics, back to what we were created.

Back to Eden. Back to masculinity and being feminine.

So, yeah. Thanks for listening. And, oh, one more thing.

I’ll let you lead, make the decisions and open doors for me. We women will raise our arrows safe at home while you provide. And you will protect us spiritually and physically, JUST how God designed you.








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