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Top Tips: When Your Review Book Is Hard To Review


Sometimes you get a bad book sent to you for review. Hey! The cover and blurb looked exciting but you’re just unfortunately not feeling it. Yep. I’ve been down this road many a time. Well, 2 or 3 actually. Anyway, I know how it feels to have to really push yourself to finish a book, it’s like a race…..

Uh-oh. The publication date is getting closer, the plot is slowing….., and I have to get this review up NOW!!!!

It’s just super stressful and who needs that in their life? Not me please, not me. WELL, don’t you worry, honey ←okay that was weird for everyone  I got ya covered!



  1. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, even request a book unless

a. you know good things about that author


b. it’s a book you would’ve almost positively bought otherwise (if you hadn’t gotten it free)

2. DON’T request a book from the publishers JUST BECAUSE IT’S FREE!!!! *I know it’s tempting to get a free book, but unless you’re really committed to the plot, it’s not worth the risk of you not liking it*.

3. Let’s say the horrible deed has been done. You have received a book that is, well, terrible.  Here’s what you gotta do:

Know Your Reading Speed.

If you can read around a page a minute, and about an hour a day, that’s an estimated 100 pages a day. Let’s say it’s a 400 page book. Well, guys, you could probably read that book in 4 days! I know it’s not always going to be as simple as that, but give the method a shot.

Don’t Be Negative.

Listen up. We read books for fun. We choose to spend our free time this way and it’s a time-consuming process finishing a book. So, yes, I know it can be discouraging when you get done with an exhausting day and you have a less than intriguing book to come home to. But guys, look at the bright side. Even if it’s not ideal, you’re still being sent free books right to your doorstep for FREE. And the only cost is an honest review. So, pull up your socks, put your hair back, and dig into that book!

Reward Yourself.

When you’ve read (#) of pages from the review book, you can reward yourself with (#) of pages with another book you are really interested in. OR, you can be really fun and spontaneous and treat yourself to a movie or dessert or time spend with friends. See? It could be worse.


So, there you go. I hope that was helpful a little bit for someone out there in the blogsphere.

What was a book that made you want to give up reading?




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