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Mini Coffee Appreciation + August Goals

We will start off this post with some lovely coffee photos and humor because, you can never see coffee too much in one day, right?


So, I’ve written a poem for coffee.

∞ Starbucks is green,

I have a mug that is yellow,

when I’m dead and gone, I want a coffee bean under my pillow.

So, yeah. Art.

40d49ac0e8cf1b6bae17b4f5c2e2a4b6   coffee-humor 96d3425ec7e6730d543ed196cef1cad3

Ahhhh. Latte, mocha, americano, frappacino,  the glorious possibilities are endless.

*guzzles an iced caramel coffee* *guzzles another* *and another* *throws up*


Okay! So, August Goals!! *twiddles thumbs in a sinister manner while one hand strokes beard, imaginary beard, of course*


  • Take at least one, one week sugar fast.
  • Add in another capsule, or liquid supplement to what I’m already taking.
  • Incorporate more veggies into my lunches.


  • Learn the rest of the crochet stitches and start on learning the terminology.
  • Crochet at least one small project.
  • Learn a new dinner + dessert recipe.
  • Check off at least 3 things on my homemaking training checklist.


  • Have a photography session with a friend/family member.
  • Add to smash-book.


  • Interview one or more authors
  • Start a new blog series *shhh, it’s a secret*
  • Host a giveaway if I get to 2,500 views on bookscoffeeandkitkats! Only 560 more to go, guys!



Well, I think that’s about it. This was fun! Also, why not have more spontaneous coffee club meetings? Seriously. It needs to happen more often around here.

~By His Grace,






Jesus lover, beauty seeker, avid reader, passionate writer.

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