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Confidence Checklist 

OOh! Yes. Beautiful point!

Truly Beautiful

Confidence doesn’t come in the right outfit.

Confidence doesn’t come in having lots of friends.

Confidence doesn’t come in being beautiful.

Confidence doesn’t come in “being used” by God the “most”.

True confidence comes in knowing who you are in Christ. It comes in saying no to the lies of the enemy and yes to the truth of God. People with true confidence don’t back down in the middle of a fight, but stand their ground knowing God is fighting for them. True confidence is relying on God to care for your every need & more.
I know personally people who I thought were secure in who they were and had perfect lives, when I really got to know them & their story, I was speechless. They were just like me. They had the same struggles, same problems, same worries, same stress, etc….

I learned their confidence didn’t come by…

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