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Plan Your Life: Free Printables!?


Are you getting ready for the next semester of school or a new segment of your life/work? I have an AWESOME, 3-part blog series coming up.

It will guide you to create the ultimate planner for prioritizing your work, school, home and even fitness life.

This is my first post, and I am going to share my top favorite printables I used for my own planner, and also some extras that might be useful to you.

I have a blog, I’m starting High-School, I clean houses, have daily chores, track my health, and spiritual growth so THOSE will be influencing the types of worksheets I used, so keep in mind that while scrolling through. I hope this helps you manage the rest of your year, and make sure that if you use any of these in your homemade planner, let me know!



^^^^^This blogger has wonderful content for bloggers/business owners^^^^



^^^^Just a tip for these though, make sure the layout is landscape and not portrait, or else the format will print out strange.^^^^

^^^^^I haven’t printed these out yet, but they look great!^^^^^



^^^^^These work  GREAT for binder covers^^^^^

^^^^So does this one!^^^^^




^^^^^This tumblr account is the BEST for a collge/high school student. Seriously guys, you MUST check out this page!!^^^^^





(These were the printables my mom used when she created HER planner.)



^^^^This one’s great for essential oil users!^^^^






Well, I hope you enjoyed this mash-up of Ultimate Planner Printables!!!


~By His Grace,



PS. Here’s my Pinterest for more organizational/planner/printables:


PPS. Follow my school year here:








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