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Mama, give yourself some grace!


Hello everyone! I’ve got a special guest blogger for you today! Here’s Hope Pennington!


Dear Moms, from A Homeschool Graduate…

Hi Moms!  I’m Hope Pennington and I grew up being homeschooled with eight other siblings on a farm in Texas.

When I go with my mom to homeschool conferences or retreats or just happen to be hanging out with her and her friends (especially younger moms) I hear a lot of people telling her how worried they are that they’re “bad moms” that they’re not doing “enough” that their kids will turn out bad so I’d like to offer some words of encouragement from a homeschool graduate.

Growing up my mom wasn’t always on time for school.  While she’s a very scheduled and organized person there were days when everything happened at the wrong time.  Babies threw fits, oatmeal boiled over, dogs ripped up sofa cushions, kids lost school work, kids lost toothbrushes, kids lost shoes and underwear and manners and everything else.

The thing that made these kinds of days a success wasn’t that they were always perfect it was that we all loved each other.

That’s was always the thing that held us together.  No matter how many school assignments got lost or how many days school didn’t get started until after dinner or rooms didn’t get cleaned I knew that my mommy and daddy and brothers and sisters loved me and that we’d work together to find a way to make things go better tomorrow.


The worst thing you could do as a kid in the Pennington home wasn’t skip your homework (although that wasn’t encouraged :-P) it was be mean to another family member.  If you talked mean to another sibling or treated him or her bad you’d have to apologize, say something nice to the person, do something nice for the person, hug, and give up whatever it was you were trying to get with a cheerful heart.  To a kid that’s crazy hard but so good for you!

Another thing I remember building love for my siblings was holidays, birthdays, events, we were all encouraged to give special gifts to each other for our birthdays and Christmases.  After we opened our gifts from each we were all supposed to thank the giver and it was common to hug.

These simple things after awhile built appreciation for the joy of giving.  Excitement at the thought of picking something out that that person would love and slowly but surely it leaked into other small acts of love.  We’d slip notes expressing our love or apologies under each other’s bedroom doors, we’d come home from an outing with little treats or snacks for each other.

It’s not like we’d never ever fight but it’s not so much about that as it was that we learned to make up after.  It’s not that we never skipped homework or did something we shouldn’t, or lied, or snuck around, but I knew that all of us loved each other and that as long as that was true we could get through anything.

So if you’re a mom worrying about raising or teaching your child correctly remember it’s not so much that you never mess up.  We remember the love.  We remember the grace.  We remember the laughter in the midst of mistakes and mess ups and most important of all…with God in the center of any family everything’s gonna turn out just fine.

Praise God for moms like you that are doing what you’re doing.  On the behalf of kids everywhere I thank and applaud you!

God bless!

Hello, everyone, Halee here! Liked what you read? Click  THIS  link for more of Hope’s work + her new book publishing soon called, Fairytale!!

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