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10 Favorite Movies: Rated and Reviewed

I have never done one of these posts before, BUT, I really want to advertise for my favorite, NON-CHEESY movies.

I am purposefully compiling this list of movies for those who don’t necessarily like the average cheesy and lame Christian movies…If you’re a critical person who hates badly filmed and poorly made movies, I really think you ARE going to enjoy these wonderful films.

They all have meaning and many life lessons to learn, so read on.



October Baby: This movie is something I watch when I want sort of an inspirational and heartwarming story. I really don’t want to say too much about it besides that it’s very clean, but does deal with abortion so it’s probably best for 13 and up. Wonderful message, PLUS the acting, cinematography, costumes and script is probably one of the best out there currently.

P.S. It’s a book too!



AGE: 10 and up

Grace Unplugged: Whoa! If you love music and hate the music industry, (hahah), you’d really enjoy this film! Even  my dad liked it! ***He very rarely likes Christian movies since they’re almost always so lame.*** It’s fun but also a very authentic movie to really hit home the lessons of not changing who you are for other people.

P.S. It’s also a book.



For the whole family!

OH MY GOODNESS! I love this movie. Actually, our WHOLE family gets a craving to watch it every now and then. It’s sooo hilarious and will keep the whole family interested without compromising little ears’ innocence.

P.S. Was made into a book.



Age: 12 and up (mature 11)

Okay, guys. This movie was very unexpected!! I have got to say it’s one of my new favorite moves. It had a bunch of violence so that’s why I listed the high age. Actually, I saw somewhere online that it cost as much to make as Titanic did! So, that certainly shows how wonderfully well-made it was. Also, one more caution, there were 4 uses of God’s name in vain, but could be easily taken out with VidAngel .



Age: 13 and up

This movie is centered around abstaining so it’s actually really great for teens, although my mom loved it as well. The main guy has these certain theories about chivalry and dating without sounding preachy. I have watched this several times and it never ceases to make me think, laugh, and cry!


Age: Mature 14 and up

This movie is for sure not to be watched with teens that will take this lightly! It’s based on Song Of Solomon and it depicts the way that marriage should be while showing a realistic version of adultery. I want everyone to watch this movie and my mom said it’s a great date night movie! It’s even got a country twist to it so while it does deal with mature themes, it’s not a dark movie, it has very light scenes and it’s enjoyable to watch.



Age: 13 and up

Ahhhh… What a movie! It was so amazing. I compare this to a very clean version of The Fault In Our Stars and A Walk To Remember. It had a couple kissing scenes, it deals with suicide and cancer, but it’s still a very light film and it will get you to reach for your tissue box!


For the whole family!

My little brother and me are OBSESSED with this movie. If you love romance, history or kick-butt action YEESSSSS…. I LOVE Benjamin Franklin with a fangirl passion now. Also, it was created by homeschoolers and I was just so happy when I heard that.


The whole family!

Really, although it’s very clean, I don’t think anyone under 10 would enjoy it. I love it though! I’m that type of homeschooler who watches John Lennox vs. Richard Dawkins debates on YouTube and LOVES apologetics.  If that sounds like you, watch it!


Age: 10 and up

This movie deals with race conflicts in the 1970’s so there’s that bullying factor involved. I went to see this with a good friend-she loves football and I don’t. But we BOTH enjoyed it.




*blows out breath*

That was very tiring! Well, I’m signing out now, but if you enjoyed it, give it a like!


~By His Grace,

       Halee <3


Also, comment below your favorite movies + have you seen any of these?



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