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The Truth About Anxiety and Self-Harm.


Genesis is the perfect explanation to why we struggle so much in this life. Sin. And God allowed satan to tempt us as ways to draw us closer to Him, to grow us in our faith, and to make us need Him more and more.

Paul talks of a “thorn in the flesh” in his letters. He asked God time and time again that He would only relieve him of this pain. We don’t know exactly what this “thorn” was, it could’ve been something like lust, or even something physical like a body problem. But many theologians and biblical historians think that it was stress, anxiety, worry, etc.

What we must realize about stress, is that it could ultimately result in glorifying God!

How? Because every time we say no to stress, no to temptations, no to worrying about what others think, no to harming ourselves to relieve our mental pain, satan is defeated and God is glorified!

We have to draw near to God or else we will NEVER find relief!

Meditate, memorize, read the Bible, pray, and be mentored by others that have or are struggling with the same thing.


So, okay, rant over. Now for the actual physical ways we release and how you may be able to determine that you have an issue with stress.

Know that if you struggle with any of these things, the only help you can rely on is God’s help, and while bloggers and scientists can educate you, He will aid you.

I have observed others and myself, researched,  and also asked my mom about ways people physically release to compile this list.

(Those videos are what started the slow process of getting out of Binge.)

My mom told me stories about when she took a group therapy course and her professor was psychologist. The professor would discuss about her patients.

One instance was a lady that would pull wads of hair out of her hair in specific numbers…She would have patches of bald around her scalp the same size.

Other instances were picking eyebrows, eyelashes, etc.

Guys, this struggle is real and it’s present. It must be dealt with.

One note though, dealing with these “thorns in the flesh” will not be permanently overcome. It will be a constant struggle for the rest of your life. But don’t let that worry you or depress you! It is a constant opportunity to turn to God. To not let satan win.

And remember:

Meditate, memorize, read the Bible, pray, and be mentored by others that have or are struggling with the same thing.

~By His Grace,




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