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a reader lives a thousand lives…


Readers Are Amazing. 

They slip in an out of worlds, committing themselves to it’s redemption. They really do have the best friends. A quite diverse bunch they are, though. Disease-stricken cancer patients, an unassuming world leader, swashbuckling pirates, a hurting teen, a young couple madly in love.

Readers are talented. 

They can shut out their surroundings and turn their focus to a magical, thrilling story playing out in their head. They can adapt their minds to understand new world’s beliefs, government systems, currency, and even languages.

Readers are onions. 

One can’t simply and easily “get to know” a reader. One pursuing the heart of a booklover, that person will never be disappointed with their friendship. They will constantly learn about new hopes, wishes, secrets and their observations about life. A reader’s life is an ever-changing ebb and flow of emotion and they are never lacking feeling or something to say. You will always be peeling back another layer.

Readers are very curious. 

They will never be satisfied with the mundane, with the normal, with the everyday. No, we are constantly striving to better the world and the lives around us.


Readers are genuine. 

They are in the minds of characters for hours, feeling what they feel, hurting for them, crying for joy with them. Growing and changing, learning and dreaming alongside them. Readers aren’t going to shy away from emotion, or the hard stuff to talk about. We love to talk about meaningful things, and would love to sit and chat for hours.

Readers are complex. 

Although I don’t want to stereotype, readers will take some pursuing to get to know. Their minds, sometimes, is an another place, preoccupied with new revelations because, after all, they are big thinkers. They may be shy and wait for you to initiate conversation, but once you get to know them they’re unbelievably fun  to be around.

Readers are secret weapons. Books are their tools. Long live the readers, for we shall inherit all the books. (And countless bookshelves.)


~By His Grace,






Jesus lover, beauty seeker, avid reader, passionate writer.

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