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end of the year goals.



♥♥♥ Goals. Goals. Goals. Goals. 

Anyway you say it, it’s the word looming over our heads, infiltrating every organized person’s thoughts for hours a day. Long term. Short term.

SO. End of year goals…The goals before the 2017 goals.

Yes, they are calling my Monk side. It’s time to get down.




  • I would love to review at least 4 more books this year…This is my first year reviewing, and I would love to hit 12-14 books reviewed.
  • I’d really like to read as much as possible this cozy winter. I want to focus on making it fun again.
  • lastly, I want to read more educational books, like on doctrines and religions from a Christian standpoint.




  • finishing a crochet blanket or hat or dishcloth would be pretty great. LOL.
  • start and give away a scrapbook type thing.
  • do a sewing project (blanket).




  • type up posts on Hillsong, female preachers, Lewis (part 2), etc.
  • continue to clean up format and layout.
  • publish at least 5 more book reviews.
  • try to write 2 poems
  • do something simple.


the Lord. 

  • accomplish the 1 hour prayer outline
  • read at least 4 more Bible books
  • write a devo???



my health/wellbeing. 

  • incorporate more Panaway essential oil every day.
  • participate in NaNoWriMo!
  • loose 10(?) pounds.
  • make a habit of exercising at least twice a week
  • feel better!!
  • learn to like a new vegetable
  • learn to like a new fruit


Honestly, I have lots of 2017 goals that I’ll share in December but for now I think this is good! I covered a lot of bases.


So, what are some of YOUR goals?

What do you want to accomplish?

~By His Grace,




Opel-Kapitän `51




Jesus lover, beauty seeker, avid reader, passionate writer.

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