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Shadow Of The Storm+ A Cover Reveal!!

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One thing that never ceases to amaze me about Connilyn is her un-believable ability to pull you in and hook you into the plot. I am always able to easily slip into the lives of Kiya and Shira when I read from her. She was TRULY made to write!!!

As for my own personal opinions for this book, I will explain in the following:

I was never bored; not because it was full of action sequences and plot twists, but because I was so committed to Shira’s story and I was thirsting to hear every piece of her inner struggle, as they sounded so much like my own.

I’m a big fan and supporter of meaningful fiction with a strong sense of character development and boy, did this book deliver!! I loved following Shira’s progression to totally surrendering to God’s desire to know Him, and to stop fearing and place her future and life in HIS hands.

I love a work of fiction art that (I feel) betters me as a person AND as a Christian.

—Now, I do have some things to say that might be negative content for younger readers.

—This book IS NOT a Young Adult book, BUT I do think it can be read by people as young as 13 years old….With maturity, of course!

—There’s two scenes of sexual assault (not done in bad taste, was not descriptive) and had a wedding night scene which was a teeny bit more descriptive than I had wished was.

In the end, this book is certainly a life-changer, and I highly recommend it to ANYONE who enjoys biblical fiction, learning more about biblical culture and reading from a Hebrew’s perspective after The Exodus!!

Want to check out her upcoming book, Wings Of The Wind, and it’s beautiful cover that released a few days ago? Click the link below!!


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