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You Are His. (Guest Blogger, Anna)

(This is a wonderful guest post from the lovely Anna Husmann..Links will be posted below this article.)


Precious people, who do precious things, receive precious rewards at just the right time.

In times of struggle, we tend to think God isn’t there. We turn away because nothing good is happening in our broken lives, our broken world. But God is there,
and He will give you exactly what you need exactly when you need it.
You are God’s precious creation, His beautiful being. You are precious. You are precious no matter what. No matter what! Do you think God created you so He could throw you away and never look at you? No! He created you because He loves you! He loves you with “…an everlasting love.” (Jeremiah 31:3)

        God’s love will never end, which means as soon as you were thought of, He loved you with a love that is eternal. A love that goes on and on and never changes. Isn’t that amazing? God is amazing!

Y’all, my heart hurts for the people who don’t know God. To know him is a beautiful thing. To be able to say, “I am God’s child.”

We are His chosen generation, we are His precious children. We are His. And that makes us special. That makes us loved. That makes us precious.
Psalm 139:14 says, “You are fearfully and wonderfully made.”
When God calls us beautiful, and we accept that, we see that, then we become beautiful. Others will see our beauty shining out from us. They won’t just see it on the outside, but on the inside, too. That is where true beauty lies. It doesn’t lie “in the eyes of the beholder”. Everyone has a different concept of beauty. What’s beautiful to one person can be ugly to another. If God sees beauty in someone, they must be doing something rather spectacular. God’s sees His precious people as beautiful. He sees me and you as beautiful people.
If you are struggling, if you are hurt, don’t turn away. Turn towards God. Look to Him and ask for His help, because He will give it to you. When you are ready, He will give you what you need.

God gives His hardest wars to his mightiest soldiers.




Ann Husmann is a young woman, and an eager wife in training. She’s passionate about God’s love, building a future family one day, and creating art to please her Creator. :-) She’s planning on opening an art Etsy shop in Spring of 2017 and hopes to create a blog of her own at the beginning of next year.

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Jesus lover, beauty seeker, avid reader, passionate writer.

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