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5 Things To Do While Waiting For “The ONE”

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Abbie Corbin blogs about life as a Christian teen and her adventures, struggles, and growths in life! She also occasionally dips in health, essential oils, and cooking.

Enjoy this post from my beautiful friend, Abbie. ^_^

“But when?”

“When will I meet THE guy?”

I find myself wondering this a lot and it doesn’t take my mind long to wander into panic about my future, doubts about the possibility of any guy liking me enough to want to get to know me, and frustration with myself for being so shy around young men my age.

But then, I’m reminded of 4 words: God has a plan. I have no need to worry because God knows what He’s doing. I get such peace from Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.” (NKJV) But that doesn’t mean I should just sit around doing nothing until something happens! Here are 5 things we can do to prepare ourselves for marriage and help us during times of singleness.

  1. Read God’s Word – you could do a study on Godly women in the Bible, true Christian, sacrificial love, or marriage in particular. Read the promises of God, remember Psalms 37:4 “Delight yourself also in the LORD, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.” (NKJV) 
  2. Write letters or journal entries to your future husband. Write about how you are growing in Christ, big milestones in your life, when you’re thinking a lot about him and your future, or just when you’re feeling lonely. They don’t have to be love letters, they don’t have to be romantic or mushy gushy, they should just be what’s on your mind and heart. You could write down prayers for him too, or Bible verses you’re praying for him. 
  3. Learn useful skills. What if your future husband is called to be a missionary? You could prepare now by learning things like first aid, teaching skills, and even a different language to practice for when you may have to in the future. Or what if he is called to be a pastor? Study your pastors wife, or any Godly pastors wife. Learn about the sacrifices they make as a couple for their flock. Learn how to be gracious to difficult people. Learn how to be a good listener and a hard worker. Even if he turns out to have a completely different calling, these are still good life skills to have. Other essential skills are financial bookkeeping, hospitality, cooking, cleaning, basic health care, organizational and managing abilities, and childcare (especially if you don’t have younger siblings). 
  4. Follow God’s calling for your life. God calls all people from all ages and stages in life to serve Him. Don’t chase boys, follow Christ. 
  5. Pray. I think that praying for your spouse is very important, whether you’re married or not. When I feel overwhelmed with thoughts and desires, I pray for my future husband. That God would grow him into a man of faith and that He would protect him and keep him from temptation. Pray these things for yourself too. 

Galatians 5:24-25 says “And those who are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.” You can glorify God in your singleness, in your waiting. Remember your sins were crucified with Jesus. Remember to walk in the Spirit. You won’t regret it.

~Abbie Corbin











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