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72 Christmas Gift Ideas-For Him!


Dads, brothers, cousins, boyfriend,uncles, grandpas, husband etc. I hope I can help spur on some creative gift-giving! Presents for him are literally known to be the worst and most hard thing the female can attempt. Seriously. :D In my family’s case, unless we are rich and have a bulging wallet it’s hard for us to gift to my dad-all he wants is tools! Which are expensive! LOL. If you’re in my boat and are stumped for this Christmas-read on!

Also, I thought I’d note that I’m planning several more posts-for bibliophiles, for kids and for her, so stay tuned!


  1. Insulated Stainless Steel water bottle.
  2. Lunch Bag/Cooler
  3. Rope/Bungee Cords
  4. A good bluetooth Great for at work or in the garage.
  5. Gift Cards from The Grommet, Bass Pro Shop, Cabela’s Dick’s Sporting Goods, Amazon, ITunes, Home Depot, Cavender’s, Barnes & Noble, Half Price Books, etc.
  6. A backpack….Great for the guy in school, a hiker, camper, photographer, etc.
  7. Suspenders…For the classy ones!
  8. Bowties….For the classy ones, yet again! :-D
  9. Snack subscription box from Nature Box or Graze! Great option for the healthy snacker…Or the guy on the run!
  10. Bose Headphones….I got some on Black Friday last year and they are so wonderful!
  11. A simple plaid shirt….Pretty much a necessity!
  12. A book or 1st month subscription from Audible!
  13. Wooden Watch….Somewhat expensive, but a great splurge! here
  14. IPad Cover
  15. Book from favorite genre/author
  16. Gift box from Harry’s Shave
  17. Gift box from Dollar Shave Club
  18. CD from favorite singer/genre
  19. Tape Measure…My dad is in construction and he gets a new one each year! Staple, for sure.
  20. A six pack of their favorite drink…In glass bottles just for fun!
  21. A mechanics tool set… Starting at $29.97
  22. Anything from THIS list of Home Depot gifts under $100.
  23. A cool Moleskine  journal….For the writer/study type.
  24. Splurge on an engraved and fancy fountain pen!
  25. Some solid/under shirts.
  26. Big League Chew gum is super fun for stockings…My dad LOVES the grape flavor.
  27. If they’re the outdoorsy type, I think any kind of survival item is the way to go!
  28. First aid, preparedness kit! Search Pinterest and the web for ideas or buy them ready made!
  29. Man Crates  is an epic-ly wonderful game changer for manly men gifting!!! Seriously, check it out!
  30. Local coffee shop gift card
  31. clip-on book light.
  32. Study Desk lamp
  33. Special colored pencils OR a sketching set
  34. Digital camera
  35. Camera case
  36. Customized guitar
  37. Personalized throw blanket
  38. Magazine Subscriptions (hunting, fishing, woodworking, etc.)
  39. Car Wash Packages
  40. Eyeglasses case
  41. Slippers
  42. Guitar picks
  43. Dart board
  44. Miniature table tennis
  45. Rifle accessories
  46. Tackle box, variety of lures. Hooks, weights, bobs, etc.
  47. Golf balls, tees, gloves, etc.
  48. Pocket knife
  49. Mini flashlights
  50. Fun t-shirts with sarcastic sayings….Pinterest is full of them!
  51. Gift card to favorite restaurant.
  52. Steering wheel covers
  53. Car seat covers
  54. Rubber Car Floor Mats
  55. A FitBit
  56. Drink blender with protein packs stuffed inside!
  57. Thorlo Socks for runners/joggers
  58. New running shoes
  59. Gun cleaning kit
  60. Grill cleaning kit
  61. BBQ Rubs/spices
  62. Fishing shirts/shorts/shoes
  63. Car Clip-On Scents
  64. Cooling Towels (the ones that are wet but don’t drip)
  65. Under Armor Wicking Shirts


Finally, (yes, I had to slip this in the list!) I have gift ideas from Young Living! They have got SO many different options when it comes to essential oils, but they have other options too:


Well, there you go! I hope this helped you out. If you have any suggestions, leave me a comment and I’ll add the gift ideas to the list!



~By His Grace,




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