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The January Reading Challenge


Hello everyone! I’m back again with a wonderful surprise!

I’ve put together a series of reading challenges for every month in 2017. For many people, 2017 is the year everyone is attempting to read more, expand their knowledge, and push themselves to get out of their regular habits. And still others, like me, are just trying to read more variety!

I recently saw Jami Balmet’s (reading challenge for wives and mothers) and also Tim Challie’s (reading challenge for Christians) and I actually was debating between the two, but I quickly realized both reading challenges held certain genres I didn’t really care to spend time in personally. (Although I encourage you to check them out if my challenge seems a bit different then what you’re hoping for!)  So, yes, I decided to make my own, and my friend gave me the idea to just do one monthly that way people could slip into this anytime of 2017 they want to….Anyway, let’s get on to the information!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a graphic for you to use because I do NOT know how to make one…But if any of you decide to make one, let me know and we’ll use it for future months!

There are 3 different levels, you can choose one level, or start for the beginning and progress through to the end….

The Busy One: 3 books

This level is for those who can only read 3 books in a month…..Or maybe those of you who haven’t quite gotten into the habit of reading a lot so you can start off slowly.

The Balanced One: 5 books

This level is for the one who has a bit more free time or maybe wants to challenge themselves a bit more!

The Bookworm: 8 books

And lastly, this if for the obsessed!! I figured some people did have time to read this many, so I wanted to have this option.


Now, choose your level! I personally will be attempting The Balanced One level, because I don’t have enough time to read 8 books, but I do want to challenge myself to put down social media and TV time and read to grow my mind this year.

Next, here are your genre(s) to choose from this month. The categories will vary every month, so if you don’t see one here you like, make up your own or wait until February to join in!

  1. A book on prayer

  2. A book recommended to you by a friend

  3. A book you haven’t finished

  4. A book about purity

  5. A book of your choice

  6. A Christian novel

  7. A hobby book

  8. A book of your choice


Choose any of these, double them up to maybe 2 Christian novels or 3 books on relationship….Play around with it, because this reading challenge is solely to get you in the books!

Reading is sooo important not only to stretch your knowledge, but to also grow closer to God and spend some time with yourself to re-energize.

Lastly, where would this reading challenge be without a hashtag to stay connected with? Use #2017wrandtreadingchallenge (my blog initials) on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with fellow readers progress, and I’ll be stalking all the reading lists and such!


I can’t wait to see what you guys are reading, and I can’t wait to share my favorite books of 2017 with you all! If you have any questions, leave a comment below.


~By His Grace,









Jesus lover, beauty seeker, avid reader, passionate writer.

2 thoughts on “The January Reading Challenge

  1. I’m in! Ill be reading uninvited (recommended) tortured for Christ (haven’t finished) and I kissed dating goodbye. Not sure I have time to finish but I’ll try!!-Caitlyn


  2. I’m so looking forward to do this. I love reading, but find it hard to find good books, if u know what I mean. Mayne under the categories you could recommend books that go with it. Just an idea. Thanks for sharing, I look forward to trying to read 5 books this month:) God bless.


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